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It’s time for you to set sail on a Caribbean cruise that mixes flawless beaches and private paradises, relax as you watch the beautiful Alaska sunrise peak over a glacier, and snap a photo of spectacular architecture as you travel on a European River Cruise!

Along with expert guidance and dedication to customer service, I can easily arrange your cruise, shore activities, tours and air transportation, so you’ll be all set to kick back and enjoy!

Whether planning your honeymoon, family vacation or group getaway, I can find the cruise that fits your budget and is perfectly tailored to your needs. There are several ship atmospheres to choose from including ones that boast family fun, have non-stop action & adventure, or emphasize the luxury of the finest cuisine and onboard entertainment.

Where do you want to go?

Your accommodations, entertainment, activities, meals and transportation to picturesque destinations all conveniently included in the price of your cruise. In fact, cruises are ranked as one of the top vacation experiences because they provide travelers with the best value. With pools, around the clock entertainment and live shows, spa and fitness centers, shops, and more bars and restaurants than you can count; there’s always something to keep you busy on your cruise.  Sunny D’s Travel will help you find the right cruise for the right price.

How do I get started?

Start planning your next travel plans by contacting us or fill out our travel planner questionnaire so we can start gathering information you may be interested in.

Frequent Questions

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. Have more questions? Contact us!

What's the smoking policy?

All staterooms and suite accommodations are an entirely smoke free environment, including the outside balcony. This policy includes all forms of smoking, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes), tobacco pipes and personal vaporizers. Smoking is allowed on exterior decks and some other designated areas.

What to pack

To help you plan, we suggest you limit your luggage to a maximum of one bag per person, if traveling on cruises of 3-5 days duration, and no more than two bags per person, for cruises of 6 days or longer. In addition, you must personally carry-on any boarding documentation (passports, Visas, I.D), valuables, medications and items which require special handling.

I need to cancel, is there a penalty?

It depends. If you are canceling your booking prior to your final payment, there is no penalty to cancel unless you have booked a specific promotion with a non-refundable deposit and/or fare. Contact us for more information.

What to wear - days

Casual attire is the order of the day. Shorts, khakis, jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, blouses, summer dresses. For cooler climates, dress in layers.  Don’t forget bathing suits and cover-ups! 

Service Gratutities

It is customary to extend gratuities (tips) to the shipboard staff for their services. How much to tip is a personal matter and completely up to you. Typically between $12-14 per day per guest.

What to wear - Evenings

Most evenings there is a ‘Cruise Casual’ dress code but there are those ‘Cruise Elegant’ evenings one or two nights throughout the voyage where guests will have the opportunity to showcase their more elegant attire.

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